Waterproof Door and Hatches

Where penning gates or stop log gates cannot be used or if the customer requires, we offer waterproof door. They are always custom manufactured. They consist of a steel door frame and a steel door adjusted to the pressure of the water column. They are fitted with profile sealing and a pushing device to ensure tightness. The shade and quality of surface finishing corresponds to the needs and requirements of the customer.

For manhole openings we make steel or aluminum waterproof hatches. The hatch consists of a steel welded frame that is tightly integrated into the building. The cover itself is designed with respect to the load caused by the water column and with respect to possible vehicle travel according to specifications. It is equipped with profile sealing, fastening screws and lifting eyes for manipulation.


Rudolf´s Adit – Waterproof Door
Štěchovice Hydraulic Power Plant- Waterproof covers
Four Seasons – Waterproof Door

Sample pictures

    Did you know that in Prague, we have placed
    15 060 square meters of flood protection?