Flood Gates

A flood gate is a simple barrier element. It is used to stop and regulate the flow of water. It can also serve as emergency spillway during floods when the water automatically flows over its top edge. Flow regulation is done by pulling the flood gate partially above the bed level of a tank or channel. The flow is then defined by the size of the created opening, by the water level and flow rate before and after the flood gate. Based on the construction, design and location it can also carry out the function of spillway or a weir.

If designed as a slab stop log controlled by a long rod, it can be used at the entrances to pipes located deep below ground level. Flood gates can be controlled only mechanically (manual control) or by electric motor drive.

Construction of flood gates

Flood gates are made from basic structural steel or high quality stainless steel. Surface finishing is done according to your requirements.


Roller Gate - Stockerau (Austria)
DN 500 Check Gate - Radotín

Sample pictures

    Did you know that in Prague, we have placed
    15 060 square meters of flood protection?