Door, Window and Vent Sheet Covers

Door sheet covers are primarily used in places where door dimensions are not too large and the controlled height does not exceed approximately one meter. If there is a demand for greater lightness or bigger controlled height, a stop log system is used.
The firmly mounted part, “the frame”, that is slightly embedded below ground level, is normally fitted with a walkable cover. On both sides of the frame there is a seating face that is also embedded in the wall of the house. This system can be applied to insulated houses as well. The only difference rests in the use of spacer brackets so that loading forces are transferred to the building wall itself.

When installing a sheet cover, first the walkable sheet must be removed and then the cover itself must be mounted into the gutter formed. The cover is attached to the frame using screws and then tightened. This forces down the sealing and the cover becomes operational.
Since the barrier sheet is made from aluminum, it weights only a few kilograms. The cover is fitted with grips to ensure good handling.
Such flood protection can be installed by one person in several tens of seconds.

Window sheet covers are a simple way of protecting the windows openings of a building. We offer several ways of attaching the sheet in front of a window. It always depends on the specific circumstances, for example if and how the building is insulated. Thermal insulation of buildings is not waterproof in most cases. Therefore, a suitable solution must be proposed to ensure the tightness between the building wall and the barrier sheet.
For non-insulated buildings, the situation is easier. If plasters or tiles are flat, only the anchors can be used to attach the cover. This way causes only minimal disruption to the building wall.
A barrier sheet is made from aluminum, its weights only a few kilograms. The cover is fitted with grips to ensure good handling.


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15 060 square meters of flood protection?