Flood Protection Facilities

Everyone want to protect their own property. Not in every location mass flood protection or the protection of territorial units can be ensured. Even if the protection of territorial units is planned in some places, usually there is not enough money and the projects are delayed. Then nothing else can be done than to secure personal property in an individual way.
However, the territory protection is mostly not taken into account and the owners basically have no other choice than to take individual action. The positive thing is that insurance companies begin to think about better insurance terms for the buildings that the owner protects by one of the options mentioned below.
The individual protection of buildings is suitable whenever there is a risk of water inrush caused by floods and torrential rain. For this purpose, we offer a wide range of different types of protection from sheet covers and trap door, stop logs gates, waterproof door to automatic flood barriers. It is important to prevent water inrush not only through windows, doors and vents, but also through waste water ducts.
We offer several options for the individual protection of one´s property:

    Did you know that in Prague, we have placed
    15 060 square meters of flood protection?