Barrier Types

There are various types of barriers based on the used parts. A suitable combination of parts is proposed in the project of the technological part. This project includes the flow of work following the construction part and requirements for construction preparation.

Permanently mounted parts:

  • Lateral guides
Lateral guides are made in several versions. The basic division is into concreted lateral guides and lateral guides post-mounted to the existing building. The next factor is the width of the designed aluminum stop log. Lateral guides are made from stainless-steel. Post-mounted lateral guides can be hot-dip galvanized. When mobile parts are not mounted, lateral guides are protected against damage with an aluminum or plastic cover.
Lateral guides overview
Concreted versionsPost-mounted versions
  • Gate seat

Gate seats can be steel, granitic or concrete. They are fitted between lateral guides or anchor plates and create a seating plane for lower stop log sealing. Steel thresholds are made from stainless steel and ensure long life. If the lower threshold contains irregularities, threshold sealing is used.
  • Anchor plate

The anchor plate is used to attach a vertical pole, namely a portable shore. The dimensions of the anchor plate and the number of screws always depend on the water level, the spacing of portable shores and specified load. Long life is ensured by the use of stainless steel.

Mobile parts:

  • Portable shore

The portable shore (vertical pole) forms the main bearing surface of the whole construction. It is attached to the anchor plate using screws. Portable shores are hot-dip galvanized steel weldments. Using this technology, portable shores can easily be dimensioned for various heights and loads of barriers. Plan breaks in the barrier line or other differences (for example a difference in elevation) or transition pieces between the road and the concrete wall can be easily handled as well.
The primary material for the production of portable shores is steel, high-strength steel or aluminum. Additionally, we can offer portable shores from composite materials.
  • Support

If the height of barriers is over 2.6 meters, support is mounted to portable shores. If the height of barriers is from 2.0 to 2.6 meters, support is mounted according to customer requirements and the method of wall footing construction. Support is a steel weldment that improves the stability of the portable shore and enable the use of barriers for higher flood walls.
It is attached to portable shores using clevis pins. It is surface finished in various shades (based on type), which in practice simplifies the orientation during the construction of flood walls.
  • Stop log

Stop logs are horizontal elements that are inserted between lateral guides and portable shores. They are made from aluminum run moulds. That is why they have excellent mechanical properties and low weight at the same time. Stop log types are selected depending on the required load and the length of the stop log.
Stop logs overview
  • Tightening device

Tightening device is attached either to the pockets in the gate seat, or directly to portable shores or lateral guides. The purpose is to ensure the vertical security of stop logs.

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