Zbraslav, Radotín, Chuchle
Prague - Stage 0006 (the Year 2010)

The stage consists of five separate parts that are further divided into individual objects. The construction of the first parts took place from 2008 to 2010. The downstream parts are:
  • Zbraslav – South that starts near the stone quarry and leads up to the Peace Race Bridge. It consists of two mobile barrier lines passing through the road and going along it. Their length is 208 meters and their height ranges from 1 to 2.64 meters. The remaining part consists of a concrete wall with the height of more than 2.5 meters that is interrupted by mobile barrier passages in ten places. The total length of the barriers is 257.5 meters. With the barrier height ranging from 1 to 6 meters, the total surface of the barriers in this part is 471.5 square meters. At the same time, the concrete flood wall serves as a noise barrier that separates the residential area from the road running along the Vltava River.
  • Zbraslav – North bears a similarity to the southern part. It also consists of a concrete wall that is interrupted by passages and goes from the Peace Race Bridge downstream up to the end of the Zbraslav territory. Two longer barrier lines and eight different passages with the total length of 114 meters and the barrier height ranging from 1.32 to 3.15 meters have the total surface of 239 square meters.
  • Radotín is the only part of flood protection that protects part of Prague not against the flooding of the Vltava River, but against the flooding of the Berounka River. During the construction, this area was divided into the protection including the Výpadová Street and the protection going from the Výpadová Street towards the railway line. The protection is again a combination of solid concrete walls and mobile barriers. Their total length is 437.5 meters and the barrier height ranges from 1.07 to 3.3 meters. The total barrier surface is 864 square meters.
  • Velká Chuchle is the last part that has not been implemented so far. The preliminary work is currently being done and this stage should be finished in 2012.
Technical specifications
Number of objects27
Total barrier length809 m
Barrier height1-6 m
Total barrier surface1574.5 m2

Sample pictures

Did you know that in Prague, we have placed
15 060 square meters of flood protection?