Prague - Stage 0007 (the Year 2010)

This stage also involves two separate parts. The first part includes three passages across the Povltavská Street, the second part includes the Pod Havránkou Street that is divided into three objects as well. One of them is 6.27 meters high and its length is 15.2 meters, which makes it the largest mobile barrier in the world. Its construction requires the use of heavy machinery, namely a crane truck to raise the portable shores and supports and a high-lift platform to mount the stop logs. The construction requires seven pieces of portable shores with the height of 6.2 meters and the weight of 770 kilograms and 304 pieces of stop logs that together create the surface of 95 square meters. The total length of barriers in Troja is 285.5 meters, the height ranges from 0.33 to 6.27 meters and the total barrier surface is 616 square meters. This stage was finished in 2010.
Technical specifications
Number of objects6
Total barrier length285,4 m
Barrier height0.33-6.27 m
Total barrier surface615.9 m2

Sample pictures

Did you know that in Prague, we have placed
15 060 square meters of flood protection?