Old Town, Josefov
Prague - Stage 0001 (the Year 2000)

The work concerning this stage began in the spring of 1999 and it was finished and handed over in June 2000. The whole stage was divided into three separate sections. The first section includes the Masaryk Embankment with the barrier length of 202 meters and the barrier height ranging from 0.21 to 0.86 meters. It stretches from the Žofín Island to the building of the National Theatre and contains the stop logs with the profile of 50/215 millimeters. The second section includes the Smetana Embankment, where the barrier length is 265 meters and the barrier height ranges from 0.21 to 2.8 meters. The stop logs with the profile of 50/215 and 90/165 millimeters are used here. This section also includes the passage to the Divadelní Street with the barrier length of 6 meters and the barrier height of 5.5 meters and six passages of the Karlovy Lázně house. Their total length is 22 meters and their height ranges from 1.31 to 2.8 meters. The profile of the stop logs in both parts is 90/165 millimeters. The third section is in the Dvořák Embankment that is better known as Na Františku. The length of this section is 310 meters. The height and the type of the stop logs used is the same as in the Masaryk Embankment. The first stage can also involve the flood protection of the Four Seasons Hotel on the Mikoláš Aleš Waterfront.  Its investor was not the Prague municipality but the hotel management. Therefore, it was not included in the official part of the first stage project. Nevertheless, the current user is the Capital City of Prague. The length of the barrier in this section is 127 meters and the height ranges from 0.3 to 4.35 meters.
During the flood in August 2002, this section was already finished. The general public was not familiar with the existence of this section of flood protection at that time. It was quite a surprise for many people that it suddenly appeared and protected the entire area of the Old Town from flooding. The press and the people of Prague named it “the wall of hope”. Even if there had been some discussions on the sense of flood measures before, their construction was now approved and it became a number one priority for the Prague municipality. It was acknowledged that the costs of their construction are much lower than the damage caused by flooding.  In the following years, namely from 2003 to 2006, the second, third, fourth and fifth stage that provide the protection of the Prague main parts from Smíchov to Holešovice were implemented practically simultaneously. In the years from 2008 to 2010, the sixth and seventh stage that include the Zbraslav, Radotín a Troja outskirts were finished. The only section that remains unfinished is therefore Velká Chuchle that should be finished in 2012.
Technical specifications
Number of objects4
Total barrier length784 m
Barrier height0.215-5.28 m
Total barrier surface727 m2

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Did you know that in Prague, we have placed
15 060 square meters of flood protection?