Lesser Town, Kampa
Prague - Stage 0002 (the Year 2005)

The work should initially begin immediately after the end of the first stage. Unfortunately, the negative attitude of the conservationists to project proposals delayed the construction of the first small part (the part without the “conflict”) to spring 2002. It thus happened that at the time of the flood the Lesser Town and Kampa contained no water protection and were fully flooded. The damages were substantial and exceeded the planned costs of protection by many times….
The stage was territorially divided into two main parts: from the Charles Bridge downstream to the Mánes Bridge and from the Charles Bridge upstream to the Bridge of Legions.
The first part includes the section from the Charles Bridge to Čertovka, the closure of Čertovka and then the protection of Herget´s Brick Yard and Lužice Seminary up to the Mánes Bridge. The total length of the barrier is 470 meters and its height ranges from 1.35 to 3.3 meters. Special attention should be paid to the closure of Čertovka that consists of a sliding gate with the length of 22 meters, the height of 6 meters and the weight of 45 tons that moves by means of rails. It contains permanently installed stop logs with the height of 3 meters that can be mechanically moved if necessary to raise the barrier to the total height of 9 meters. For operational reasons, the gate must be closed on reaching one-year water, and therefore it is quite often active.
The second line runs from the Charles Bridge, along the waterfront and to the Liechtenstein Palace. It is built to hold the so called fifty-year water. However, if the flood is bigger than the so called fifty-year flood, the water spills over and floods the buildings standing between the waterfront of Vltava and the Kampa Square. This square contains the second barrier line that runs towards the Liechtenstein Palace, where the two lines meet and continues around Sova´s Mills up to the wall of kindergarten. The barrier then continues as the separate protection of the building of the Fishing Union and of the Říční Street. The total length of this barrier is 589 meters and its height ranges from 1.31 to 3.8 meters. In the whole second stage, the stop logs with the profile of 90/165 millimeters are solely used.
The construction of the second stage lasted from 2002 to the middle of 2005.
Technical Specifications
Number of objects10
Total barrier length966 m
Barrier height1.32-3.8 m
Total barrier surface2645.3 m2

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Did you know that in Prague, we have placed
15 060 square meters of flood protection?