Karlín, Libeň
Prague - Stage 0003 (the Year 2006)

This stage that was built from 2004 to 2006 consists of several separate sections. The longest one is the Ludvík Svoboda Waterfront with the length of 416 meters and the barrier profile of 50/215 millimeters. On the Rohan´s Waterfront the flood protection consists of a solid concrete wall that contains several passages with a mobile barrier. In Libeň Docks there are two lines of mobile barriers with the total length of 70 meters and the barrier height ranging from 2.15 to 5 meters. This stage further includes two parts of barriers with a total length of 44 meters in front of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics premises of the Charles University. Their height ranges from 2.8 to 3.87 meters.
Technical specifications
Number of objects16
Total barrier length514.5 m
Barrier height0.86-4.95 m
Total barrier surface811.8 m2

Sample pictures

Did you know that in Prague, we have placed
15 060 square meters of flood protection?