Holešovice, Stromovka
Prague - Stage 0004 (the Year 2006)

It is the largest stage from the point of view of barrier length as well as barrier surface. It is located on the left bank of the Vltava River and stretches from the Hlávka Bridge up to the Barikádníků Bridge in the almost continuous length of more than 2.5 kilometers. The total barrier surface is 5.307 square meters. It consists of the following sections:
  • The Embankment of Captain Jaroš with the barrier length of 301 meters that encompasses the Negrelli Viaduct from both sides. The barrier height ranges from 0.33 to 2.85 meters.
  • This part is connected with the Bubenské Embankment section that is located in front of the well-known Holešovice Market. The pattern of this section is peculiar because it was created by the additional raising of the barrier. The first part of the construction was carried out from 2001 to 2002 as part of the improvements in front of the market. It consisted of a wall with a railing. During the flood in August 2002, it turned out that the flood level exceeded the barrier level by one meter. A solution was adopted to additionally reinforce the foundations and raise the barrier so that the entire wall did not have to be torn down and built again. The result was a structure with short and long stop logs and portable shores placed on the additionally modified pillars of the bulkhead. The total length of the section is 541 meters and the barrier height ranges from 0.5 to 2.1 meters.
  • The Bubenské Embankment section is immediately tied up with the part called Nová Jankovcova. It stretches from the Bubenské Embankment up to the Lighthouse building that forms part of the flood protection. From this building the barrier line goes up to the Libeň Bridge to which the barrier is connected. The total length of the section is 688 meters and the barrier height ranges from 1.32 to 3.5 meters.
  • The next section that is called the Holešovice Docks goes from the Libeň Bridge in the form of a concrete wall that changes into a mobile barrier near the building of the State Navigation Authority and then continues (placed on the embankment wall of the port with the length of 454 meters) to the “Za elektrárnou” area. The barrier height ranges from 2.15 to 3.8 meters.
  • The “Za elektrárnou” section is the highest continuous section of the whole flood protection in Prague. Its length is 478 meters and its height ranges from 2.15 to 3.96 meters. Part of the flood protection consists of a wall with the height of 4 meters that is interrupted by mobile barrier passages.
  • A separate section of this stage is a barrier of two railway underpasses in Stromovka. Their height is 5.15 and 5.45 meters and their total length is 23 meters. The massive portable shores with the weight of more than 500 kilograms bear against the upper part of the underpasses. Their installation requires the use of a crane and the placing of stop logs requires the use of a high-lift platform.
The stage was finished and put into use in 2006.
Technical specifications
Number of objects6
Total barrier length2 494 m
Barrier height0.33-5.45 m
Total barrier surface5 307 m2

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Did you know that in Prague, we have placed
15 060 square meters of flood protection?