Draft Tube for Small Hydraulic Power Plant in Radčice

A custom manufactured draft tube for a small hydraulic power plant in Radčice.
The draft tube of a direct flow water turbine consists of four horizontally placed parts: a draft tube cone and three parts of the draft tube.
The draft tube cone with a diameter of 1580 millimeters changes into a diameter of 1730 millimeters in a length of 1340 millimeters and at a weight of 658 kilograms. The draft tube itself is divided into three parts with a weight of 875, 924 and 1060 kilograms. The output dimension of the cone that is 1790 millimeters gradually changes into the profiles of 2250 x 2400 millimeters (the first part), 2350 x 2700 millimeters (the second part) and 2570 x 3100 millimeters (at the output of the third part). The total length of all draft tube parts (including the cone) that are assembled during the mounting in a location is 7155 mm.

Technical specifications
Input dimensiondiameter 1580 mm
Output dimensionoval 2570 x 3100 mm
Length7155 mm
Weight3.5 tons

Sample pictures

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